How often should you wash a human hair wig?

Just like your normal hair, your human hair wig needs to be washed when required. But unlike your normal hair, their life span decreases with every wash.

We would therefore recommend that you try to wash your hair no more than every 2 to three weeks. Washed in cold water and using a wide tooth comb allows you to be super gentle with your wig.

Try not to be tempted to use too many hair care products on your wig as over styling can reduce the lifespan and overall look of the piece. When using any styling tools, be sure to use a low heat and heat protection spray.

Using a wig cap and stand can really help maintain your wig, helping it to keep its style and shape too.

In this quick video Rebecca gives us a demo of a human hair wig with a hand tied, lace front wig cap construction. Rebecca also has a couple of quick tips for styling and caring for your human hair wig.

How do you wash a human hair wig?