How are human hair wigs made?

Creating a wig made from human hair is, as you can imagine a very intricate process. Warranting their sometimes high price tag, a human hair wig can take up to 8 weeks to create.

The hair goes through a process of being washed, dried and at times coloured to a high standard.  First of all the hair is cleansed and washed of all impurities and dust which naturally accumulates.

Often a wig will be composed of many different hairs and so these need to be collected and placed together according to length and even thickness. Damaged hairs are then painstakingly removed ensuring your wig has the very best hair.

The chosen hair is then sewn into the wig caps, of which there are several choices. When natural hair has been selected to be coloured to a desired colour or shade this is then gathered together and dyed carefully.

To finish any human hair wig, a layer of silicone is applied to every strand of hair giving them extra shine and smoothness. It is of course important for you to get the most out of your human hair wig, so knowing how to care for it is key.

Here at Morgan’s we pride ourselves on having an ongoing relationship with you and providing you with aftercare support and advice.

Choosing your wig and understanding the different types of human hair that can be selected along with how this may suit you is often a bit daunting.

That is why here at Morgan’s we look after each and every client with care and attention.

We understand that buying a human hair wig is an investment; if you wish to talk through our selection of wigs and want to some help deciding, we would welcome a chat with you.

Get in touch with us today and tell us about your self and your hair solution needs, and one of our stylists will be happy to have a discovery call with you to discuss your requirements and share their expert advice.

How often should you wash a human hair wig?