UltraStrands & Intralace Hair integration available at our Chester Salon

Every single person’s journey is different. Hair integration is a superb hair replacement solution for those dealing with thinning hair or patchy hair loss.

Many people who still have some of their hair choose this replacement system to wearing a wig/hairpiece as the results are immediate and very effective.

Hair integration is a non surgical, pain free procedure which involves blending your existing hair with hair that is fitted to a custom made system to create a full head of great looking hair!

Our highly-skilled hair consultants are trained to create the most natural-looking hair integration systems possible. Clients can choose from a variety of hair types, unit materials and colours.

Here at Morgan’s we are specialists in two hair integration systems, UltraStrands and Interlace – both of which offer excellent results in restoring your hair to its former crowning glory.

We have been working as hair integration specialists for over 5 years and bring to our work an unrivalled dedication to help our clients feel their very best.

*NEW* UltraStrands Hair Volumising Solutions Integration now available at Morgan’s Chester – the lightest hair volumiser in the UK.

Here at Morgan’s we are thrilled to be an UltraStrands Approved Salon. If you are looking for more volume UltraStrands is a breathable, light weight mesh integration system that is perfect for fine or thinning hair without affecting your natural hair growth.

UltraStrands are the lightest hair volumisers in the UK created for women with fine to thinning hair. You can wash, colour and treat your hair whilst they are installed.

Available in a variety of custom colours, lengths and textures, the volumisers are designed to give you natural versatile results. 

How is the UltraStrand Volumiser created?

The UltraStrands volumisers are constructed individually using very fine invisible monofilament which is then intertwined to create a base upon which hair is added one strand at a time.

What are the benefits of the UltraStrand volumiser?

The UltraStrands volumisers differ from mesh hair system and other integrated hair systems in number of ways. The key differences being the following:

  • The Volumisers are blended in with your natural hair
  • Lighter to wear – Hair on volumiser is proportionate to natural hair volume
  • Enables for a natural hairline as opposed to the ridge that can be created by closures.
  • Hair Treatments can be applied whilst installed
  • Enables Scalp to breath as you have direct access to your scalp.
  • Available in different hole sizes and densities to accommodate varying degrees of fine/thinning hair.
  • Not restrictive on styling.
  • There is no requirement for shaving your existing hair for installation.

How much does it cost?

From £1,400 UltraStrands can really change your life 

Giving an exact cost is difficult as there are several factors that we take into account such as the area we are covering, the density and length, and colouring that may need to be done along what suits your individual needs.

Consultations are £30 and take place at our Chester Salon. If you choose to go ahead with the system following the consultation, this is deducted from your initial payment.

Please call us our Chester salon to book a consultation 01244 637 360

What is hair integration?

Hair integration is a non-surgical procedure. It is designed to blend existing hair with real hair that is attached to a ‘unit’ made out of soft mesh that is shaped to fit your head perfectly, that is discreetly secured to the crown.

High-quality real hair is used which is colour-matched to your choice. Your hair is then blended with the real hair to create a stunning full head of hair!

Our highly skilled consultants with many years of wig experience are trained to a very high standard to ensure you get the most natural-looking hair system out there.

We aim to give you as much choice as possible by offering different hair types, units, and colours.

Video: Full head hair Intralace hair system integration

Follow our chat about history and hair loss with our client who started losing their hair for a few years before deciding to seek professional advice and consultation about having a hair integration system fitted. 

We also are approved Intralace hair system specialists for moderate-severe hair loss or thinning

This volumising hair integration system is a highly effective way of managing hair loss and costs from £2,000. 

Designed for women with moderate-severe hair loss or thinning hair. This amazing hair replacement prosthesis is constructed from a breathable mesh which is integrated with your existing hair without the need to cut or shave any of your natural hair. 

The freedom and beauty of this technique gives you the joy of being able to take part in everyday activities & sports (including swimming) and you feel that your bespoke system is your natural hair, you wash style it like your natural hair, and it will give you an unbelievable confidence boost.

This system is not a cure for hair loss or trichotillomania, it completely disguises areas of hair loss where your hair can continue to grow. The system requires maintenance every six to eight weeks.

Video: Intralace Hair mesh integration

Follow our short video on how we integrate hair mesh systems here at Morgans.

Before and after Intralace hair integration – the results are fantastic!

Why hair integration is a good option

  • Enhance the appearance of your hair ✓
  • Not required to remove or cut existing hair ✓
  • Avoid wearing wigs/hairpieces ✓
  • Full head of hair without surgery ✓
  • Easily maintain the unit with the help of a skilled team member at Morgan’s ✓

Hair integration has restored the confidence of wearers as it involves using your hair.

Many individuals say they can’t believe the difference hair integration has made to their overall appearance.

Hair integration is increasing in popularity and we are ready to change your life. If you are interested in discussing hair integration, please call us on 01244 637 360.

Video: Emily has been suffering from male pattern balding

Following hair integration she is very happy with the results. Watch the video to see what she thinks of her new look!