Can you style a human hair wig?

Yes, like your natural hair, human hair wigs can be blow dried, straightened, curled, and styled.

The advice remains the same as any hairdresser would give you for your hair though – over-styling your hair will damage it and your wig would suffer in the way it looks.

When styling your wig it is often good to have cleaned and washed it. Leaving the hair to dry as much naturally is ideal as this helps preserve the life of your hair and saves any severe damage.

Once pretty much dry, spray you hair with a good quality heat protection spray. We stock some great hair care products so if you need any advice on this please do let is know.

When using heat to style your hair it is advisable to not use too high a heat setting.

Watch the following video for some quick tips on curling a human hair wig.

In this short video Rebecca talks about how she has revitalised a human hair wig for a client. The wig was originally donated by the Little Princess Trust.

What is a human hair wig?