Bride talks about her hair loss condition

Our gorgeous client on Saturday opened up to us about her medical hair loss condition.

Kayleigh has suffered hair loss from a young age. She has gone through lots of trauma in her life with family members suffering from cancer and losing her beloved grandparent.

After a visit to her GP and being told “It’s your age!!”, “You will grow out of it”, “Stop worrying about things!“ she left as a depressed teenager feeling like she had no where to turn.

So she started wearing hats mostly and wigs. Feeling so down about her hair loss, paranoid and ugly she struggled in her every day life. Her childhood sweetheart now her husband always offered her love and support but she still didn’t feel confident enough to let him see her with out her hat or wig on even in bed!!

Often while they were out at a restaurant or at a social occasion she would feel like others were talking about her and feel so uncomfortable and awkward she would leave and go home early. Her hair loss condition stopped her from applying for a job vacancy and from going on holiday or doing sporting activities.

Kayleigh got in touch with us at Morgan’s because she needed a hairdresser that had experience in working with styling wigs, as she had purchased a human hair wig on line. Kayleigh opened her heart out to Rebecca about how losing her hair made her feel and she felt she had no where or one to turn too.

Well Morgan’s are here to help and after her appointment on her wedding day Kayleigh is coming back for an appointment to the salon to discuss how we can get help for her from the little princess trust, and to give advise on how to get help from the NHS.

We are so happy that we could give help and advise to this gorgeous young lady who really felt she had no where to go to to help her.

We understand it may be overwhelming to try and decide what the best option is for you, so here at Morgan’s we will support you at your own pace.


Rebecca Morgan