Book a hair loss consultation at our Chester or Prestatyn Salon.

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If you are experiencing hair loss and would like to book an appointment to discuss the different options available to you, we welcome you to call us in the first instance as this is the best starting point.

We then have a discovery chat with you to understand your personal needs, this way we can establish where you are in your hair loss journey before your face to face consultation in the salon.

How much does a consultation cost?

All NHS consultations are free of charge with private consultations charged at £30. If a wig or hair integration system is purchased, then this cost will be deducted from your final purchase.

Where are consultations available?

If you decide you would like to consider your hair loss solution with us, we then decide on the best time for your consultation which can take place at our Prestatyn salon in North Wales, or our Chester salon.

How long will the appointment take and what can I expect?

Generally an appointment for your hair loss consultation will take around an hour. During this consultation we explore the best solution for you. All of our consultations are carried out with our specialists in our private salon room, offering you total privacy and confidence.

What will happen in the consultation?

Finding the best wig for us is driven by so many different factors and totally relies on us understanding your individual situation.

For example we consider the texture of your hair, its colour, any hair that you may have and how we may work with this.

We will measure your head and chat with you about your life, your likes and dislikes; the kind of styles and colours that interest you. From hair-pieces and hair integration to a full wig, we help you find the right hair that suits your look and your personal needs.

We have 100’s of styles for you to choose from, be it a synthetic, monofilament (incredibly natural looking) or human hair wig, hand-tied and lace front wigs. You will learn how to look after your new wig and how to make it fit you perfectly.

We can even custom colour, shape and cut your wig.

Our passion is to make you walk out of our salon feeling confident and comfortable with your hair.

Every single person’s hair loss journey is different, there is no common path and we are proud to offer a bespoke service for you.

At our Chester Salon we also offer UltraStrands Hair Integration which is perfect for fine or thinning hair.

Hair integration is a non surgical, pain free procedure which involves blending your existing hair with hair that is fitted to a custom made system to create a full head of great looking hair!

Find out more about UltraStrands here.

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